Online Batting News and Maryland Gambling News


Touted as one of the most innovative state governments in the US, Maryland enlisted the services of a gaming conglomerate of the calibre of 888 Holdings to the tune of over a billion dollars. In exchange for a hefty fee, the state is expecting to see sports betting at the brick and mortar casinos and on mobile devices within the next few years. In terms of gaming, the state isn’t short on talent; the aforementioned conglomerate has a whopping 47 retail locations, plus another 12 on the road. This is not to mention the numerous gaming venues that have been opened for business for years on end.

The state also rolled out the red carpet for an expected swell of sports fanatics. With a plethora of sports betting options to choose from, you are in for a long and sweaty ride. The state also boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the country, a testament to its sassy politicians.